The Nikola, just like Croatia: “Wild and Beautiful”

He Nikola or Nikola Sekulovic is among the top fashion influencers in Los Angeles. He started his career as a model, Nikola once said “ designers are my celebrities”. 

The Nikola

  • People often say that he is the influencer that influences Influencers. 
  • Nikola has a strong presence on Instagram, he’s style is impeccable. 
  • We had an opportunity to ask him about his Summer Essentials. Nikola is currently vacationing in Croatia. 

1. Summerweight Blazer

First up on this list of men’s summer essentials is the summer-weight blazer in a light color like beige or heather gray. Opt for an unstructured shoulder (very thin or no padding at all). Ideally the jacket should also be unlined to keep it as lightweight and breathable as possible. 

For an added dash of style, throw in a light cotton or linen pocket square. I recommend a versatile white and blue gingham check this summer, it’s trendy and classic at the same time.

Why I love the summer-weight blazer:

This single addition is an easy way to level up any casual summer look from pretty normal to pretty dapper.

2. Scoop Neck Tee

A plain white tee is a mens wardrobe essential. The scoop neck tee doesn’t get much love, but I think it’s a perfect summer shirt. A defining characteristic of the scoop neck tee is the extra wide neckline.

Some scoop necks are a bit extreme in how far the neckline dips, to the point of showing off your pectorals. I prefer a more modest neckline as it’s more subtle, yet still noticeably different from a regular crew neck.

Why I love the scoop neck t-shirt:Scoop neck t-shirts tend to fit more loosely and the fabric tends to be lighter which makes it an ideal white tee for summer.


3. Lightweight Chinos

For this summer, I say go for a chino pant in a lighter shade, like the light olive green pair above. It’s clearly the statement piece of this getup but in a subtle way. The shade doesn’t scream “look at me,” like a pair in say, a kelly green color would. And the light shade is aligned appropriately with summer warmth.

Opt for a slim fit here or a straight leg if your build requires it. And while you’re at it, throw cuff the bottom of the pants one or two times for a casual-cool summer vibe. Bonus points if your chinos have a bit of stretch to them. Light-colored chinos are a definite on my list of men’s summer essentials.

Why I love the light chino:The chino is a smart-casual staple. A nice fitting pair of chinos works well with a blazer (dressy) and also a t-shirt (casual). Chinos make for a perfect balance between the two.

4. Summer Shades

One men’s summer essentials I never leave the house with during summer is a pair of reflective lens sunglasses. It’s a no-brainer, they keep the sun from blinding you and keep you looking stylish. Go for a pair with reflective lenses for ultimate cool, plus no one can see your eyes.

I like to keep a few pairs in my car as backup. You can never have enough options to choose from. For each of these first 3 outfits, I’m rocking a pair of flare lens sunglasses.

Why I love flare lens sunglasses:Summer shades are functional and stylish at the same time. And there are a myriad of versatile styles to choose from, whether you’re more of a Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Aviator or round eye lens kinda guy. There’s a style for every face shape.


5. Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

Number 5 on my list of men’s summer essentials is the short-sleeve button-down shirt. The number one shirt I’d recommend for summer is the short-sleeve button-down. It oozes that casual, cool I’m at play kind of vibe, especially shirts with a fun print.


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