Minecraft, much more than a video game for children

With more than 176 million copies sold worldwide , Minecraft became, in May of last year , the best-selling video game in history, beating the Tetris record.

Born in 2009, Mojang's video game is the most popular of the last decade . And this despite the fact that, in the age of the visual, this block game has a somewhat naïve aesthetic .

The main reason for its success lies precisely in that presumed simplicity , which allows you to create a totally new world from scratch.

It is possible to learn by playing

In addition, that open world where moving blocks, joining elements, constructing buildings and moving freely becomes the perfect setting for users to approach the field of programming. Especially the children .

Because this game doesn't just spark your creativity. It also improves their aerospace vision, helps them reason, concentrate and be able to manage their resources. The elements that make up Minecraft can be modified and customized, so many want to learn how its design works, how it is coded, and how a graphical editor is used to improve these resources.

So this title is becoming the gateway that many parents use to get their children started in coding languages. And get a solid IT foundation that can be key to your professional future .

Enriched minecraft

Enriched minecraft
Enriched minecraft

There are different programs that players use to enhance their Minecraft experience. Their learning is available to everyone.

MCEdit, the most precious copy

It is one of those fundamental tools. It is an open source editor with which you can modify worlds, create maps and edit structures. But, perhaps, its most interesting function is that it allows to make copies of the objects of a certain world to pass them to other universes. Thus, we will be able to clone elements of older versions and take them to the new updates of the game.

The alpha version of MCEdit 2 is currently in development It offers new brush features to place blocks in different shapes, integration with the server to expand and contract the territory and editors for blocks such as chests , of which it is possible to modify their content.

If you want to learn MCEdit, it is possible to download the program on its own website. The source code of each resource and the documentation on its plugins are also available . On the other hand, at mcedit-unified they put at our disposal a constantly updated manual with many explanations on its use.

In addition, on the internet you have tutorials of all kinds through forums and sites dedicated to Minecraft, such as Minecraftmin and Planetminecraft . And, how could it be otherwise, there are also dozens of YouTube videos dedicated to the subject, like this one from SethBling to create filters.

It is another of the great programs that help advance the video game while learning coding. With it, you can create mods (game modifications) and design overlays, new blocks, food, tools, plants, creatures, weapons, machines ... And all through software that is intuitive enough and easy to use so that you don't need prior knowledge in programming.

It is a very complete program that offers tools such as the texture editor , with which the user achieves a totally unique final finish, accessories for modeling, animation creators or sound managers.

MCreator values ​​the Minecraft community , as users can share their mods , as well as join in modding projects and collaborate with other players.

It is a software especially recommended for children because, as we say, their learning is quite accessible. MCreator for Education is the platform that enhances the educational qualities of the project in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics, for its acronym in English).

Programming is understood as a practical discipline, the results of which are quickly and visually verified in the game itself. In this way, younger users are stimulated. MCreator also works actively with Mindcloud , a coding school for children between 4 and 14 years old.

The official site offers many resources with which to learn about MCreator, such as a wiki with all the information, advanced tutorial videos and a forum that serves as a meeting point.

MCreator, the infinite design

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition

In order to enhance the educational qualities of this game , in a world in which digital lessons are leaving behind the old study plans, the educational version of Minecraft was born in 2016 .

The platform works on several levels. On the one hand, the little ones can learn subjects such as languages, mathematics, science and history from games and activities created within the Minecraft universe. All of this using collaboration, problem solving and imagination as a basis. And promoting critical thinking and experimentation.

It is a way of approaching children using the same language , with instruments that they associate with play, thus increasing their involvement and interest in studying. In addition, it is done in an entirely safe environment and with very practical classroom management tools.

On the other hand, since Education Edition, children also learn programming thanks to Code Builder. It is a tool that familiarizes them with JavaScript, Code.org, Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode in a fun way, while building their own worlds in Minecraft.

We also have to talk about the Hour of Code which, in collaboration with Code.org, offers four free tutorials . They are short and simple lessons, a way to get into coding through visual resources that Minecraft users are already familiar with:

  • Minecraft adventurer : To know how a character moves.
  • Minecraft water trip : With challenges on a boat such as fishing or finding treasures.
  • Minecraft hero's journey : To get a character to solve different obstacles.
  • Minecraft Designer : Through which you learn how to give movement to animals.

Everybody wants Minecraft

Where else can we learn about Minecraft?

At Udemy , one of the most popular online educational institutions in the world, we have many options. Free courses like 'Build a Minecraft Server with Raspberry Pi'; lessons of just half an hour, such as 'Setting up a Secure Minecraft Server'; teachings for beginners, in the style of 'Minecraft 101: Learn to Play, Craft, Build & Save the Day'; or even resources for parents to get closer to their children : 'Write Minecraft Mods With Your Kids'.

site that offers a Minecraft course during the month of May is PlayCodeAcademy. It is designed for children between 10 and 14 years old who do not need previous knowledge on the subject. It lasts four sessions of an hour and a half and the classes are developed by videoconference.

We could name more workshops such as those that have been organized in recent years by institutions such as the ICAI Technological Campus , Funtech.Academy , or Enseñalia . Due to the coronavirus crisis, many of these companies have seen their activity paralyzed . But we know that when they are in a position to do so, they will go back to work. Well, what has not stopped growing is the fever for Minecraft.

By Mistry Deep

Images | Minecraft.net , allinonemovie on Pixabay, MCreator , Minecraft Education Edition , Udemy

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